Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ly & Sly Lial are opening Sea Pearl Soon...get the insider view

Ly and Sly decided to open a restaurant on their own named Sea Pearl. It's big and it's beautiful. It was going to be named Blue Salt, but there was already another guy who had a place locally with Salt in the know how that goes.
Anyhow, Sly was the Exec Chef at Sequoia on the waterfront. He knows about pumping out food. Ly is one of the famed sisters of Four Sisters. Four Sisters is a perennial Washingtonian Top 100 and Best Cheap Eats places. They closed the original in Falls Church and are opening a new one about a 9 iron from Sea Pearl. They still have the building in Falls Church but will be converting it to a bakery/qsr site if my memory serves me correctly.
Based on the care they took in selecting their furnishings, architecture and vendors, I'm sure Sea Pearl will be something to talk about. Let me take you on a pre-opening tour below.

Ly and Dave (one of my guys)

This is what a restaurant looks like about two weeks before it opens. This is a BIG place.

Large entry foyer. Note the mother of pearl tiles in the ceiling.

This is the lounge.
View from the lounge towards the foyer.
BIG Kitchen. The brackets on the ceiling will support the Kitchen Display Units.

It's great when people care enough about their technology to put tarps over it!

Until next time....which will be a review of The Electric Palm in Woodbridge.


potsy said...


David Smelson said...

Hello yourself.

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend and I REALLY wanted this restaurant to be good .. seemed upscale and all and you don't get that in merrifield too much.

The restaurant was/is horrible. Interesting menu items (i guess), but they were horribly executed. The service was awful, I felt embarassed for our waiter. The place was empty .. its just too big .. but there were like 4 tables going at 9pm on a saturday night.

The food is just horrible .. the concept of the restaurant doesnt' fit with the community, etc. People who are into fine dining are going to be disgusted with the food .. and those same people know where the good spots to spend $200 on dinner are.

David Smelson said...

That's very disappointing to hear. Not to make excuses for them, but as you know they only opened a few weeks ago. During the "polishing" period there are a lot of things that owners need to sort out.
I've got to ask, did you mention your dissatisfaction with anyone and give them a chance to make it right?

Anonymous said...

I've been to this restaurant a couple of times already. I am very satisfied with the food and the people are great. Sure to be a great hangout to eat dinner at the main restaurant and hang out for another hour at the bar/lounge.

David Smelson said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment. I'm glad you had a good experience. It just goes to show how two people's experience at the same place can be so different.
It can be as simple as the night (was the second string crew working?) or the attitude of the guest (I hate my miserable life, let me go take it out on someone who HAS to serve me regardless of what a prick I am.)
The truly successful restaurant will be able to handle the latter and does not have a former. Consistency and attitude are the keys to longevity in the business.

cintrite said...

WOW Alex, I would defiantly give it a second chance...I go there almost twice a week and have yet to have a bad experience. The food has always been great and the staff is warm and friendly. Falls Church really needed Sea Pearl! Also, not sure where you’re getting the idea it’s a fine dining restaurant. Just because the decor is beautiful? It’s really laid back and come as you are. My check average there is never over $35. I think you should revisit.

Anonymous said...

DO NOT LISTEN TO ALEX'S COMMENTS! He obviously did not go to Sea Pearl. Alex stay home if your not going to say anything nice! Maybe he likes the chain food restaurants!

Anyways...if you want to experience a one of a kind menu and experience go to Sea Pearl...the food was excellent and the presentation of the food is beautiful!!!

The whole experience was extraordinary! Though they have only been open for a few weeks, the operations ran as if they've been open for a while. The staff and owners are so humble and kind.

The decor is elegant and contemporary. The food and service is excellent. We started w/ the lobster and crab meat spring rolls (so fresh!!) then had the Chilean Sea Bass w/ Spicy moromi miso, jalapeno & cucumber (to die for, melts in your mouth) and also had the pan roasted pork chop w/ cajun spice, pureed potato & crackling sauce for our main course. To end this wonderful meal we had the Brulee Banana Split w/ Chocolate mousse, caramel ice-cream, toasted walnuts & caramel sauce!!! OMG so good!

Oh yeah don’t’ let me forget to mention the beautiful 40 foot curved bar inlayed w/ tiny glass titles on the wall, mother of pearl tiles on the ceiling and mother of pearl chandeliers. Classy place! and they also have a private lounge area w/ mixed seating and booths and a flat screen. Great place for Happy Hour!!

This was an overall wonderful experience! You have to try this place!!

Anonymous said...

I work for a fortune 500 company and we had our company Happy Hour at Sea Pearl! It was a HIT!!!, everyone loved it! They loved the open space, 40 foot bar, food, lounge area, the bathrooms. The space realy worked well for the large crowd, we were not cramped in a small area like at other bars. Great new spot for our company!!! Highly recommend it!