Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Ginger Cafe - Santa Teresa's Best Non-Tico Tipico Breakfast

What is a non-Tico breakfast you ask? It is more of a continental breakfast, which is to say it's not beans and rice or some variation thereof. Not that there is anything wrong with beans and rice for breakfast. I had it several times while in Costa Rica and enjoyed it thoroughly. 
Ginger Cafe was a slightly more European cuisine.
To start with, the coffee was amazing. I fell in love with Costa Rican coffee while I was in Santa Teresa. Here I had a latte with an extra shot of espresso.
This is what the kids had as appetizers...yes, they got appetizers before breakfast. We were on vacation after all. This is a croissant from a bakery down the road, which we also ate at a few times, slathered with Nutella. 
Some of our crew were hooked on the banana french toast.
I was a fan of the eggs and toast with salami. Interesting choice of breakfast meat, but it's what I got. Our server's English was about as good as my Spanish, so I likely ordered the wrong thing, but it was tasty. Notice the butter: great color/flavor. The eggs were perfectly cooked too.

One of the more interesting things about this restaurant is the fact that it is attached to the owner's house. The house itself is a large, open-air structure. When you look up from your table you can actually see the fridge in his kitchen, which is upstairs. The walls in the restaurant are just gauzy coverings. Very cool place. I'm taking notes for when I'm ready to retire and open my place.

If you get the chance to go to the Mal Pais/Santa Teresa area make sure you stop in. You won't be disappointed.