Sunday, August 23, 2020

Normandie Farms - It Only Took Me 13 Years to Get Here

Normandie Farms

10710 Falls Rd, Potomac, MD 20854

Funny thing, Normandie Farm is the closest restaurant to my house, 1.4 miles to be exact, and in my thirteen years here I’d never eaten there. 

Normandie Farm is on a bend in Falls right past Falls Rd. Golf course and across the street from the prestigious Bullis Private School. It is Potomac at it’s stereotype-confirming best. Tuition there is more than out-of-state tuition at UMD (including room & board).
The restaurant is old-school with plenty of outdoor space for banquets and lots of currently under-used indoor space due to the pandemic.

As our son is leaving for UMD next we thought we’d go as a family and try it out. Below are some of the dishes we tried and my thoughts on them.

We started out with the Clams Casino. Lots of garlic butter and herbed bread-crumbs. 

The Calamari was perfectly done and served with a Sauce Louie.