Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Source Revisted....Second time is a charm too!

The Source by Wolfgang Puck
575 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest Washington, DC 20565
(202) 637-6100
Executive Chef Scott Drewno
I like to go back and revisit restaurants to see if my initial impressions were correct.  I was impressed with both the service and the food the first time.  Nothing changed for my lunch visit Friday, except a few menu items.
The lead picture here is some house-made tofu with smoked chili oil.  The texture was spot-on.  The chili had a heat that didn't really hit your palate until late in the game.  That was a fun dish.
Here's another shot of the tofu.
This is a nice seasonal preparation of crispy-skinned pork belly with watermelon and basil.
Another angle on the belly.
This is one of Scott's signature items, the Tiny Dumplings.  Perfectly done, glossy, and tasty.  He takes plating seriously.  Always pretty.
This was my entree...the Drunken Noodles with Shrimp.  Awesome.  Perfectly seasoned with the shrimp being crispy and just cooked through.
Dessert was a Yuzu tart I think, with fresh berries and coconut sorbet.  A nice refreshing way to end the meal.