Thursday, August 9, 2012

Epic Scoop! Ok, maybe not a scoop, but still Epic...Smokehouse.

Epic Smokehouse
1330 S. Fair St., (though your GPS may have better luck with S. Fern)
Arlington, VA
 From left to right we have Wayne Halleran, Toni Zurella & Joon Yang.  Wayne and Joon are the proud proprietors of Epic Smokehouse.  It's been a while in the making.  They are taking the skills they learned in some of the same restaurant companies as I worked for up and down the east coast and are putting them to good use, unlike your's truly.  They are currently with The Palm. Toni works for me.
Picture effects are due to the swirling construction dust, not anything intentional! Also, for some reason 
 Architechure provided by Collective.
 This place is going to have some nice finishes and dining areas.  There will be an Eat Bar.
 Nice touches abound.
 This is the back-bar.  Roomy.  I think they will be serving some drinks here.

 I like the reclaimed wood in the entry way.
Going to be lots of wood, glass, booze and smoke.  I can't wait for them to get open!
Best of luck gents.  We'll see you at the opening!