Saturday, July 1, 2023

Fresh Start - Boquete Restaurants

Dining in Boquete
House-made chocolate and cappuccino at The Perfect Pair

In September of '22 we moved to Boquete, Panama from Panama City. It's been an adjustment from the hustle & bustle of Panama City to be sure.

The heat in the city was just too much to handle, even when balanced against the great variety of restaurants there.

Now that I'm fully embedded here and have a handle on the dining scene I figured it's time to get back to posting about the restaurant scene in Boquete and the surrounding areas of the Chiriqui province.

I'll be posting about coffee shops, restaurants, and whatever else strikes me.

Some general observations so far: The dining scene here is vibrant. There are great ingredients available all within two hour's drive of Boquete. Chiriqui is the country's bread basket and the availability of fresh vegetables, fish and meats is second to nowhere in the US. The care taken in the handling, preparation, and service varies wildly though.

Along with the variations and food care and quality, there is a huge range in the ideas of hospitality and guest interaction. Harder to quantify, but certainly an aspect of the scene that can make or break my desire to return to a restaurant. Part of this variation is due to the labor pool and laws in the country. Apparently you can't fire an employee regardless of how egregious their behavior is. The details of this are out of my area currently but I'm sure I'll learn more about that over time.

Stay tuned for posts about my adventures and thanks for reading.