Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ren's Ramen: Cheap eats? I don't think so. Worth it? Absolutely.

I was out doing what I do for a living and happened to run across Ren's Ramen. I'd read about it and had been meaning to get there, but there are several thousand restaurants in the DC Metro I still haven't been to....so it joined a long list.
Strangely enough, Ren's kept coming up in conversation, Washingtonian, some other places, so I finally gave it a shot today. Above you'll see the menu. 4 main items with a few add-ons.
I took Kliman's advice and ordered the Shoyo Ramen in Soy Sauce Broth with some added roasted pork and seasoned boiled egg. Wow....what a flavor punch! I've become a big fan of Pho in the past year or two (for those of you who don't know already), but this is a giant leap forward for mankind.
The noodles are from Sapporo, not home-made, but I'm ok with that. The toppings were perfectly cooked. The pork was very tender and nicely seasoned. The eggs were spectacular. Everyone in the place was slurping and going "MMmmm..".
Cheap eats? By Washingtonian standards, less than $25.00 tax/tip included, yes. Cheap for lunch? I dropped a $20.00 and only had water to drink, so it's 3X the price of a #12 at Pho 75, but it's worth the splurge.
Go visit them if you get a chance.
Ren's Ramen
11403 Amherst Ave.
Silver Spring, MD
Call if you're going for lunch as they have some funky hours.
Hope you enjoyed reading about Ren's. Comments/Questions welcome.