Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ly & Sly Lial are opening Sea Pearl Soon...get the insider view

Ly and Sly decided to open a restaurant on their own named Sea Pearl. It's big and it's beautiful. It was going to be named Blue Salt, but there was already another guy who had a place locally with Salt in the know how that goes.
Anyhow, Sly was the Exec Chef at Sequoia on the waterfront. He knows about pumping out food. Ly is one of the famed sisters of Four Sisters. Four Sisters is a perennial Washingtonian Top 100 and Best Cheap Eats places. They closed the original in Falls Church and are opening a new one about a 9 iron from Sea Pearl. They still have the building in Falls Church but will be converting it to a bakery/qsr site if my memory serves me correctly.
Based on the care they took in selecting their furnishings, architecture and vendors, I'm sure Sea Pearl will be something to talk about. Let me take you on a pre-opening tour below.

Ly and Dave (one of my guys)

This is what a restaurant looks like about two weeks before it opens. This is a BIG place.

Large entry foyer. Note the mother of pearl tiles in the ceiling.

This is the lounge.
View from the lounge towards the foyer.
BIG Kitchen. The brackets on the ceiling will support the Kitchen Display Units.

It's great when people care enough about their technology to put tarps over it!

Until next time....which will be a review of The Electric Palm in Woodbridge.

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