Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jersey Girl

According to Bruce Springsteen, everything's all right when you're in love with a Jersey Girl.

This is a Jersey Girl, but she's also the manager of The Wooden Spoon in Upper Greenwood Lake, NJ. At her place they serve a sandwich known as The Jersey Girl. They don't call it that, but many other places in NJ do.

We like to get there by boat. It's a short trip from our dock to theirs.

On to the sandwich: a fried egg, four pieces of Taylor brand Pork Roll, and two slices of pasteurized, processed, cheese served on a griddled hard roll.
I can almost smell the cholesterol, but I don't care. If you've never had one of these, it's almost worth the drive to NJ. There is something about the Jersey Girl. You can't get it anywhere else. You can buy Taylor Ham in a store in the DC Metro area, but you can't get NJ hardrolls. Much the same as with pizza or bagel dough in the NY/NJ area, there is something in the water that does something with the dough that you won't find anywhere else.
Next time you're in NJ, stop in to one of the small, independent delis you see and ask for a Taylor Ham Egg and Cheese. I suggest a little mayo, but the default way to serve this is with salt, pepper and ketchup. When you get your cup of joe with that they'll ask you if you want it light and sweet. Go with what you will, but remember that everything's all right when you're in love with a Jersey Girl.

Next post will be about a trip to Ollie Kline's on the water in Belmar. Thanks for reading.

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