Saturday, August 30, 2008

Home Cooking....Dad's home to be exact

It's always nice to get back to the beach in NJ. Dad and Lucy have a house 1/2 a block off Main St., and about 8 blocks from the beach. Klein's Fish Market is a few blocks away too. Needless to say, Dad is a frequent flyer there and gets good deals on fresh goodies.
Clams and shrimp before throwing them on the grill. These were splashed with a little olive oil, tossed with minced garlic, and topped with some chardonnay, salt and pepper.
Dad was kind enough to break out one of his French futures wines. He's got a decent collection of French and Italians. This particular bottle was an '05 Sansonnet Cab. Very nice. We followed that up with an '05 Paradux Marriage. Different than the French Cab, but still a nice bottle.
Look at the size of that cow! These were tasty. I messed up and got them a little closer to medium than I would have liked as I wasn't used to his grill. That thing kicks out some serious BTU's. I think it's a DCS. I've stood over many grills in my years in many kitchens and on many patios and I was having trouble standing close enough to turn the steaks over when all the burners were on. Yowza.

So, needless to say, it was a tasty trip home. I've got one more restaurant to post about from this trip before I get back to posting about DC Metro spots again. The post will be about a restaurant named Sunsets in Belmar.

Until next time......thanks for reading.

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