Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Got any better way to spend a Saturday?

I sure can't think of a better way than spending some time with your friends and your new smoker!

These are some chilis I grew on my deck. They were supposed to be big Anaheims, but they must have put the wrong label in the pot at Behnke's. These were small, and hotter than Georgia asphalt in August. So, what did I do with them? Threw them in a pot with some garlic and olive oil. Throw in a dash of kosher salt and some pepper, put them in your processor for a few minutes and you've got fresh pepper sauce to mix with your South Carolina BBQ sauce for the ribs.
Speaking of ribs, we rubbed these with some Kansas City Rub from Steven Raichlen.Threw the ribs in my new Masterbuilt smoker (a gracious Father's Day gift from my wife) for 5 hours at 225 degrees (wrap them in foil after the first 3-1/2 to hours) and....

Et Voila!. Falling off the bone, but still holding together enough that they can be moved to your plate.
Since the smoker was already going, I threw in a trout I picked up at River Falls Seafood in Potomac. A little Old Bay, fresh cracked black pepper, and Kosher salt makes a fine seasoning for fish in the smoker.

Then you invite a couple of friends (Chris and Lauren) who enjoy good food & wine, next thing you know it's a party. Luckily no one had their camera out when we were playing Sing-Star (PS3's version of Karaoke) at 1:00am that night.
Thanks for reading. Questions about the food? Preparation? Wines? Feel free to ask.
Until next time.....which will be a review of a Restaurant Week lunch at Ulah Bistro.

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