Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rasika...This is not your standard Indian restaurant.

Who is the man behind the beaded curtains at this wonderful, exotic restaurant? Chef Vikram Sunderam. He takes the flavors of Indian cuisine and whips it into new textures and tastes that are refined and elegant. Lunch started out with canteloupe juice. Nice touch. A break from the usual mango. We asked our waiter to let Vikram choose what to send us. This is the Palak Chaat. Crispy spinach with sweet yogurt, tamarind, and date chutney.
This is a close-up showing the mix of textures involved. I could live on this for a while. This is the Black Sea Bass...not on the menu as far as I know, but it's marinated in yogurt and topped with something tasty. This is Dahl and a Cauliflower dish. The Dahl was great with the Naan. This is the Spicy Reshmi Kabob. Just enough heat, lots of flavor. Here we have fish done two ways...don't remember exactly what they were, but they were both excellent.

This is definitely a power-lunch spot. Note John Mantz making important calls from the curb!
The coup de grace: Sweet Chai brulee. The strawberry cut through the sweetness of the creme and the cream wasn't whipped cream, but something more akin to tart cream cheese. Knowing the menu, likely yogurt of some sort.

I recommend this place to anyone with some time and money to spare. Great service, nice looking restaurant, and definitely top notch food.

Well done guys.

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