Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Dining Room at Wolfgang Puck in Downtown Disney

Cheryl having a, "Why not have another glass of wine" moment.

Ah, a hot summer's day in Florida. You took the trip, you made it through the crowds, you dealt with all the bullshit it took to get there. What could be better than a nice glass of sparkling rose at The Dining Room at Wolfgang Puck?Well, turns out to be a lot. The bubbly was nice, the view was great, but the food was only so-so for the money. The snapper that Cheryl got was ok. Well cooked and nicely plated.

A $44.95 steak...described as beautifully marbled, rich and flavorful on the menu. I've had better from the packaged meat section at Giant. Hate to say it, but it's true. It was half gristle.
The mashed potatoes and the greens were the high-light.

Alex liked the sushi.

Desserts were average. The carrot cake was as dense as a brick. There is a reason you shred the carrots, not smash them in a food processor. The better of the two we shared was Alex's molten chocolate cake.

Overall, I'd say your money is probably better spent in the downstairs Wolfgang Puck Cafe. The menu there is mostly pizza and sushi. We were first seated down there, even though we'd made reservations, but when we realized that we weren't in "The Dining Room" the waiter took us upstairs. Funny, but they were on a 2 hour wait downstairs and the upstairs was 1/2 full the entire time were were there.

Guess they knew better...

Stay tuned for many new posts as I recount our trip up the east coast last week.

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