Saturday, April 2, 2011

Galileo revisited and a night on the town...

People say to me, they say, "Hey Dave, what's it look like when you do a night on the town?" Actually, I've never had anyone ask me that. However, I figured I'd share it with you anyhow. I haven't posted much in recent months because my camera literally fell apart...but I've got new gear so here we go. My pal from two doors up, Shawn, agreed to be my designated driver for the evening. Sweet!
I love watching a professional kitchen...all clean, sparkly, shining, and competent.
Hey, isn't that Chef Roberto Donna? As a matter of fact, it is!
We started out with some cocktails...a bourbon something for Shawn and a Hemingway Daquiri for me. Grapefruit juice, rum, lime...awesome.
The budino. Last time I had it I remember it being one of those dishes that actually took my breath away. This time, not so much. The flavor was there, but the texture was different. Not as creamy/silky as I remembered it being.
This is the cold marinated/poached rabbit with green beans. The green beans were cooked to perfection. It's a little thing, but it makes a difference.

This a black pasta with cherry tomatoes and soft shell crab. The crab was keeping warm under the pasta. I can't even express the simplicity, and elegance, of the dish. The crab was absolutely perfect and burst with flavor when I bit into it. This dish was a 10.
Considering that the soft-shell was a 10, this was the 11. This salmon was one of the most perfectly cooked pieces of fish I've ever had. It had a flawless sear. I wish I could cook like this at home. I've tried many times. I asked Chef Roberto what he put on the fish to get that perfect, crispy top. He told me all that was on the fish was salt and olive oil. He said it was the quality of the fish that made the difference.

This was Shawn's dessert. It was a citrus-y thingy. The green on the left was fennel poached in vanilla. Pretty cool.
I got the hazelnut semi-fredo.

After dinner drinks anyone?
A little post-comis Absinthe.

So from there we went to Blues Alley to see one of the greatest living guitar artists of our time...Tim Reynolds.
Showing off with my fancy new camera.
Can't get much closer than this to the stage without being in show business. There was a dick in the audience who kept talking to Tim throughout the show...may he die friendless and poor.

All in all, a great evening with a good friend. Dinner was fab. If you have a chance to eat at Galileo, take it. Roberto is still in top form and the service is gracious. If you go, tell them I sent you.

Until next time....

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Michael Palmer said...

nice pics - looks like you already have a handle on the G11