Friday, June 17, 2022

Miranda Bakery and Café

 Miranda Bakery & Cafe

Calle 75

Panama City, Panama

What haven't I had in Panama City up until now? A good chocolate chip cookie. I'm also a fiend for Tres Leches, so as luck would have it Cheryl was googling tres leches and came up with this place. It's in San Francisco. A trendy, happening, bustling neighborhood a $4 Uber ride from our apartment.

There are a ton of restaurants and bars. This particular place has a small indoor dining area and a lot of space outside. There appeared to be a roof or covering of some sort in the back.

It was served warm with gooey chocolate chips. It tasted like the original toll-house recipe with a little more fluffiness. 
This cafe also has brunch and lunch with paninis and other things. I'm looking forward to getting back there to try some lunch.

The cappuccino art was on point. The blend they used was high quality.
I'd definitely stop in if you're in the 'hood.

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