Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Joe's Noodle House. Food Cost be Damned!

I was able to stop for a quick lunch today at Joe's Noodle House on Rockville Pike.  It's been in the Washingtonian Cheap Eats every year for longer than I've been in the DC Metro area.  It came off the list this year for some reason, though I can't figure out Kliman's reasoning sometimes.
Anyhow, I had never seen the lunch menu here.  I try to order something new every time I go as they have a ton of dishes you can't get anywhere else around. 
In the specials section I saw a whole fish, Szeschuan style, with rice and bowl of soup for $8.95.  The little guide at the bottom of the page told me it had hot and numbing spice.   How could I resist? 
This is the soup.  Not the normal gelatinous blech you see in most places, but a truly HOT and sour soup.  Good flavor, good tofu and pork strips.  Next came the fish.  It was Tilapia.
Please excuse my cell phone pictures, but I wasn't planning on posting today.  Regardless, the fish had crispy skin and slid off the bone easily.  The sauce was amazing.  Buttery, spicy, tingly...all the things I've come to expect at Joe's.
To my original point about price, many restaurants would serve you something that would deliver much less quality and flavor for twice the price and be happy with it.
You're doing a good job folks!  Keep up it up and maybe Todd Kliman will get you back on the list next year.

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