Saturday, September 3, 2011

BRB is a Winner for Thompson Hospitality.

I love it when a chain does something new. So often they get caught up in formulaeic processes and make a few points of margin, then become complacent. Sometimes, however, they take risks, branch out, and do something worth noting.
This is the case with the newest offering from Thompson Hospitality, BRB, or Be Right Burger as it's known.
This location is in Reston VA, around the corner from Jackson's and American Tap Room.
I've included some pictures of the restaurant itself, and the technology they're using, because it's innovative and has a great feel.
The picture below is a shot of their great $11.95 lobster roll. I've eaten lots of lobster rolls in my day, but I've never had one this good for this little.
 Crazy value for the money.

   Here is a shot of a digital video wall they have put up. High def screens with ultra-thin bezels.  This was done in conjunction with Unison, as are the customer activated terminals below.

These are customer activated terminals where you can order and pay without getting in line.  You also have the option of ordering online and just picking up your food and hitting the highway.
Here is the website:
All in all, a neat concept with great packaging. Congratulations Thompson Hospitality. I think you have a winner here.

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