Sunday, November 22, 2009

Founding Farmers...

I decided to visit my friends at Founding Farmers. Luckily it was a few days before the most recent Washingtonian came out, lauding them with the following:
  • Best Value (#3)
  • Best American Restaurant (#1)
  • Most Overrated (#3)
  • I disagree with the last one (FYI)
We sat in the upstairs dining room. The ground floor was packed with all of the seats at the bar taken and quite a few people waiting for tables and reaching in for drinks.
We started with a Farmer's Smash, which is kind of like on Old Fashioned, and a Knob Creek and Ginger. What was nice about this was that they either make their own ginger ale, or they use something that is very far removed from Canada Dry. It was very tasty.
We had the assortment of deviled eggs. I'm not sure what was in all of them but there weren't any that weren't good.

Nice presentation on the deviled eggs.

Paul had the Rockfish Provencale as suggested by our very friendly waiter. I was actually going to order this myself, but since Paul did, I could pass on the fish and go for the meat.
The fish was done perfectly. Moist, flaky, and tasty.
This was my dish. I got the prime rib, mid-rare natch, and it came with homey mac n'cheese. This is the best prime rib I've had since my days as a waiter in Lexington, KY. The outside had a nice savory rub and the inside was roasted to perfection.
We were in a bit of a hurry, so I can't comment on dessert. What I can say is that these guys have their formula down. The food is good, the place looks great, service is well above average for the DC metro, and the prices are not out of hand.
Best wishes for a happy holiday friends.
I'll be posting about creating dinner with my photographer friend for Thanksgiving.
Until next time.....
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