Saturday, February 7, 2009

Shout out to my brothers at Tako Grill

I only got one picture of the food at Tako Grill. Let me tell you why. Because everything they make is good. At least everything I've had there is good. So good, that I always start eating the dish before I remember to snap a picture.
Terry and Jasper are the guys who run this place. Jasper is younger partner who is usually there, and Terry owns the place. Terry and I both frequent Fall Road Golf Course and run into each other at the range. These are two of the nicest guys in the business. They know how to take care of seafood too.
Anyhow, to get back to the food, this was one of about four courses that my friend and I enjoyed that day. We had an order of a special they were running, Big Eye Sashimi with freshly grated green horseradish (not the powdered crapola) and it melted in my mouth. We also had a couple of single orders of different types of other fish, and some tempura'd crunchy-type rolls.
If you're in Bethesda you won't find a better place for Sushi.
Tell 'em you read about it here.
Keep eatin'!

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