Thursday, January 29, 2009

Surfside in Glover Park (Burleith to be exact)

If any of you have ever been to Belmar, NJ, there is a place called Surf Taco on Main Street between 10th and 9th. The food is ok, but what is interesting is the combo's they have and the crowd. This is late night beach-fare just a few blocks from Bar Anticipation (or BA if you're a local). BA is like Seacrets in OC, which I have to imagine most of you have stumbled into, or out of, at one time or another. Anyhow, I'm digressing. This place reminds me of Surf Taco.Surf's up dude. Welcome the newest addition to Glover Park. There are two new ones to follow (Kitchen and Blue Ridge), but I'll get to those soon enough.
The specials board. Always popular by the beach. The specials were interesting, but mostly re-mixes of the stuff on the regular menu.

The interior is spacious, noisy, open to Wisconsin Ave. as well as Tunlaw, and a fun place to be.

Order up! Step up to the counter and fill in your paper chit, or get one of the specials. It's all tasty, service is quick, and they've got a very casual air about them here....

My friend and I split a dish and shared two pairs of tacos. Good stuff. Interesting flavor, hot, and quick. Nice to be able to get food like this quickly, but remember, there is always a price. You could get a sit-down, three-course restaurant week lunch at many good restaurants downtown for what you pay to get some chips/queso, a pair of taco's, and non-alcholic bev here.
Convenience has its price.


Anonymous said...

Surfside is not in Burleith. It really is in Glover Park.

David Smelson said...

I stand corrected.