Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ben's Chili Bowl

So, I finally made it to Ben's Chili Bowl. Purveyor of half-smokes to the rich and famous. It's been around for a long time and unless they screw up really badly it will be here long after most of us are gone.
I had put off going to this establishment for years because it seems I'm always out of cash and they never had the technology to accept credit cards and there isn't a Chevy Chase ATM anywhere near it. That is exacerbated by the fact that I really like Ulah Bistro, which is right across the street, and they do accept credit cards.There is nothing surprising here. No venison chili with fresh chipotles that were hand-smoked by Native Americans in a yurt. No free-range chickens, no Kobe beef. Just your standard diner food.

Focused on chili, naturally.
How was it? Not bad. You know exactly what you're getting. The chili is a little pasty for me, but the half-smoke was good. The fries were great. Nice and crunchy, but not burnt.

Upon exiting, I was shocked to learn that they have decided not to use the their credit card processing capability. They can process them, but they choose not to. Interesting.
Best of luck.
Remember to bring cash, or be willing to pay the fee to use the ATM in their restaurant.

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