Thursday, September 15, 2011

When they say, “Super Chicken,” they aren’t kidding!

I was out and about during my usual course of business today and was looking for a place to have lunch. I opened Yelp and searched for nearby restaurants. I was about to take an easy out and go for a local chain, but I noticed Super Chicken was less than ½ mile away.
I'm glad I looked. It's not right on Leesburg Pike, and with all the construction around it you'd be hard pressed to notice it.

The inside is clean and there are several people walking around cleaning tables during the rush. The line looks long, but the service is very fast and courteous.
Once you get up to the counter you choose your chicken, i.e. ¼, ½, whole, dark meat, white meat, or other menu items such as burritos and salads. I have to mention that sides here were not an after-thought. The beans were seasoned and the fried rice that my dining companion had was excellent.
As for the chicken, I was heartily impressed. It was brined, rubbed, and roasted in traditional Peruvian fashion.
I rarely eat chicken with my hands when I'm working as there is always the danger of getting some on my shirt, however, I couldn't resist. This was awesome. The title of best chicken around has been taken from Don Pollo in Bethesda and given to Super Chicken.

Besides the brining and rubbing, this is the most important step: The charcoal roasting. The spits are forever rotating, making sure the skin doesn't burn. This also allows the chicken to self-baste, so no brushing is required. They use hardwood charcoal and the smell of it hits you as soon as you turn off Leesburg Pike into the parking lot.
The website is :

There are three locations including Tysons, Falls Church, and Bladensburg.
Don't bother telling them you heard about it on Pleasures of the Table…they're too busy to chat. Super Chicken on Urbanspoon

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