Friday, February 27, 2009

**SCOOP** Blue Ridge in DC.

Part of the joy of what I do for a living is getting to watch people who are much more creative and talented than I am bring their visions to life. Some of you may not find pictures of floors with holes and bare studs/beams so enthralling, but for me it's very similar to hearing a good piece of music or getting the perfect mix of butter and syrup on a good pancake.
This post in particular is about a restaurant in DC named Blue Ridge. It's on Wisconsin Ave. in Glover Park where Busara used to be.
The proprietor is Eli Hengst of Sonoma, Mendocino, and Redwood fame. He recently took this place over and has begun his transformation. This is a shot of one of the dining rooms upstairs that overlooks Wisconsin Ave.
Same room.

This is the bar up on the second floor. It has doors that open up onto the patio outside.

This is a view from the 2nd level out onto the 2nd level of the patio.

This is what looked to be a lounge between the bar and the patio on the second floor, but this may change before opening.

This is a view from the dining room on the main level facing the stairs to go up.

Same dining room.

This is a view of the bar right as you walk in.
Now for the real scoop. DC Prodigal Son Barton Seaver of Hook fame will be at the helm in the kitchen. This is a big pull for foodies, and I'm sure the PR won't hurt the restaurant. Give them a try after they have a few weeks to sort things out. I'm sure you'll like it as there is a lot of talent going into this project. Look for a late March/early April opening.
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