Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Shack - Big Town Awesome in Staunton

The Shack
105 South Coalter Street
Staunton, Virginia 24401
I've been meaning to get to The Shack since I first heard about it. 
We go to Snowshoe Mountain twice a year and Staunton is kind of on the way for us.  So onto the food. I apologize in advance for the picture quality here, but it was very dark in the restaurant. What you see above is the chicken liver mousse. Think Michel Richard's Faux Gras.  Very nice. Alex and I both loved it.
The bucatini above was sausage with rabbit gravy if I remember correctly. The menu changes frequently here so if you don't take one with you the night you eat there you're out of luck for later research. Hand-made pasta doesn't get any better.
Big fries served hot and crisp? Yes please.
This was Cheryl's Fried Quail and Biscuits. The quail was perfectly done and the biscuits were just like grandma's. Awesome.
I got the pork belly with veggies and parsnip puree.  The flavor of the pork belly was on point, but the texture wasn't what I'd come to expect in a dish like this. The Source and NoPa don't lose any ground here.
This flourless chocolate cake was perfection. Every one of us took a taste, closed our eyes and went, "Mmmmm." 
Panna cota with crispy topping. Interesting combinations here. The chocolate was my favorite, but Cheryl really liked this one.

So is this place worth the trip? Yes. It's easy to very small and easy to miss, but don't let that stop you from trying. Ian Boden is doing some things down here that are special. Staunton is very lucky that he landed there. 
A note on the service: I was reminded of Rose's Luxury and Komi. Professional, knowledgeable, but also very casual and friendly Bravo there.
It's only open Wednesday through Sunday, and they take a limited number of reservations on Friday and Saturday, which is when Ian does the tasting menu. I'd hit it then if I were doing this again.

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