Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Soda Tiquicia - Short and sweet intro to the Tico Soda concept

Soda Tiquicia
200 meters north of bar Lora Amarilla, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
As I've mentioned, no place in Costa Rica really has a street address unless you're in the big city. This is especially true on the coast of the Guanacaste Peninsula.
There is one dirt road that connects Mal Pais and Santa Teresa. It is full of pot holes, ruts, and one-lane bridges that have no good point of egress because of the ruts on either side. Kind of scary actually, considering the helmet-less motorcycle riders and entire families riding on ATVs. Anyhow, I digress. Let's get to the restaurant, Soda Tiquicia. It was the first restaurant we came to when we walked up our driveway and turned right. Physically-speaking, it wasn't much to write home about. Six picnic tables in a space that had tarps for walls. There was a kitchen in the back and a cooler full of Imperials and sodas. 
 I may be wrong, but from what I gathered Imperial is the chosen beer of Costa Rica. It's heavier than Corona, but very easy to drink on a hot day. After this little dinner, it became the beer-of-choice for the rest of the vacation.
 This was my appetizer, a plate of snapper ceviche. Not great, but not horrible. It was fresh, but there were some pieces of cartilage or bone that took away from the enjoyment.
This, however, was awesome. It was the fish taco. It was fried wrapped in a tortilla. Beautifully crisp and crunchy filled with tender fresh fish. That hit the spot! I was worried after the ceviche, but this was actually awesome. The rest of the crew was weary from a day on a fairly treacherous journey so they headed towards burgers...not quite blog-worthy there.
Bottom line, if you're staying at The Beach Estates stop in and get a fish taco with an Imperial to wash it down. You won't be disappointed.
Stay tuned for more Costa Rican adventures. We came here for breakfast too!

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