Thursday, August 21, 2014

La Esquina de Buenos Aires...Argentine Comidas in the Heart of San Jose

 La Esquina de Beunos Aires
Calle 11 esquina Av. 4
Detrás de la Iglesia de La Soledad
San José, Costa Rica
Tel. (506) 2223 1909 / 2257 9741

 This year my culinary vacation took me to Costa Rica. The next several posts will be about the restaurants I was able to visit while I was there. Unfortunately, I didn't bring a notebook to every meal. In some places the light was lacking, and a lot of the restaurants don't have websites, so things aren't going to be as detailed as they normally would be. I hope you enjoy the ride.
We rolled into CR at about 3:00pm on a rainy Friday We had plenty of time to socialize with the staff at a lovely little hotel we stayed in. I made friends with Paula, who was a life-long resident of San Jose. I explained that I was on a vacation to relax, and to eat at the best restaurants I could find. She recommended La Esquina as a restaurant she goes to with her family for special occasions. I mentioned this to our server and she assured me that we'd made the right choice by visiting her restaurant. It was very welcoming and they made us feel right at home. To begin she brought out some crusty bread with various tapenades and bruschetta toppings to nosh on while we looked at the menu.
They had a very nice wine selection, with this Norton Malbec being featured...we tried a few bottles. Not too bad!
Nicely done calamari. Apparently squid is pretty popular down here, as is octopus. We'll get to more of that later.
I couldn't decide between the hanger and the rib eye. I asked our server to choose for me and she said, "Si."
She asked me how I liked my steak cooked and walked away. She came back with a plate with a smaller portion of each. Got to love that. both were well-seasoned, grilled over wood, and cooked to perfection.
My wife got the rib eye. It was big enough for two and very tasty.
The linguine with salmon in a white wine/shrimp sauce. It was a little heavy on the fish flavor for the kids, but I liked it.
My son had the salmon with spinach. It was a very large portion. Cooked a bit more than we're used to, but still ok.
The Spaghetti Frutti di Mare was a hit. Nicely done mussels, shrimp, octopus and clams in a light tomato sauce with herbs.
On to the postres! We were all pretty full by this point so we figured we'd share a few desserts. The Nutella mousse was laced with coffee and very tasty, but the winner of the night, and the trip, were the crepes filled with caramel. Unreal. 
I've had these at a churrascaria before, but these were freshly made with perfect crepes and the texture of the caramel was perfect. Just stiff enough that it didn't squirt out when you cut it with your fork. The best thing about it was the burnt sugar on top. They were divine!

Thanks for reading. Hope I didn't make you too hungry there. Stay tuned for more dining adventures in Costa Rica from Pleasures of the Table.

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