Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Copperwood Tavern - The Farm Comes to Shirlington

Copperwood Tavern
4021 Campbell Ave, Arlington, VA 22206

Shirlington has always been a fun place. I'm glad there was a little turn-over with the restaurants there though as some had been there a little too long.
One of the new-comers that brings a smile to my face is Copperwood Tavern. It's a sister restaurant to Irish Whiskey in DC.

There is lots of wood here. Interesting things to catch the eye and some good artwork as well.

There are two bars. One to the right as you walk in and one all the way back where they get their craft cocktails on.
I happened to be working this particular day, so I didn't have an opportunity to partake of any cocktails, but I thought it was neat that they list Moonshine on their menu.
Here is the crafty-cocktail bar. They seemed to have a lot of syrups and potions going on. I'll have to head back there some night when I'm doing Uber.
Although I wasn't imbibing, I did ask my very friendly server who was from Texas, if he'd be kind enough to get the bartender to whip me up something original but non-alcoholic. He was happy to comply and brought me something that had a good ginger bite to it with a splash of strawberry and lime. 
Note the water glasses are mason jars, in keeping with the moonshine motif.
On to the food! We started out with some fried green tomatoes. Nicely seasoned and crispy.

Neat light bulbs too!

Next was a Farmer's Salad with squash, grilled asparagus, goat cheese and strawberries with a light vinaigrette.  Tasty.
The Bahn Mi was nice and fresh tasting with chicken, cilantro, pickled cabbage and a few jalapeno slices. There was a little Sriracha mayo on there to hold it together and give it a little kick.
Just to finish us off the chef sent out a plate of pork rilletes that were served fried. The mustard was an excellent coarse grind. Neat dish showing some creativity.

If you're in Shirlington and are looking for a place to grab a cocktail with some friends in a very friendly setting Copperwood should be on your short list. Good destination for lunch as well. If you go and try the cocktails, please report back! 
Thanks for reading.

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