Sunday, November 17, 2013

G and M Seafood: Serious cakes of all varieties

G & M Seafood
804 Hammonds Ferry Rd.
Linthicum Heights, MD 
 Their URL says it all.
 I've never eaten anything else at this restaurant, though I'm sure they do other items well.
This restaurant is on an intersection kind of in the sticks, but very close to BWI and major highways. It's worth sticking into your GPS one of these days if you haven't been there yet.
 When they say they're jumbo lump, they're jumbo lump. There's more filler than is necessary to hold it together, but you certainly get your fill of crab.
 Alex loved the eclair. It thought it was pretty good.
 The cannoli was ok, but the shell was a bit soggy and the filling was too thick for me. Then again, I'm kind of spoiled that way.
 They do all of their own baking on premise and have some great looking cakes.
They do some serious carryout in the retail outlet on premise. Lots of technology in this joint.
Here's my first video blog post too! Just wanted to shake things ups a little and try something new. Speaking of new, all of the pictures on this post were taken with my iPhone5. It wasn't a deliberate thing, I just went out with Alex to do some shopping and forgot my camera. Let me know what you think.

As far as the restaurant goes, G&M is worth a drive. They've cleaned the place up and it looks pretty good. 
If you go, tell 'em where you read about it.
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