Saturday, September 7, 2013

Poolside Bar & Grill at The Ritz Carlton Kapalua - Casual, but still Ritzy

Poolside Bar & Cafe
Ritz-Carlton Kapalua
1 Ritz-Carlton Drive
Maui, Hawaii

Sometimes you need a little luxury. The pool at the Ritz is pretty swank. The place we ate was the most casual restaurant on property. We'd decided to spend a few hours just relaxing by the pool and decided to have some lunch. 
Just to preface this, we had stopped here earlier in the week and had what I, and all of my companions thought was, the absolute best pina colada ever created.  No lie.
Alex had the tuna sashimi. I'm about to out my palate here and say that the raw tuna I had was pretty much indistinguishable from the next restaurant's in Maui. It was all good, and all very fresh.

Michael had the flat-bread bbq chicken. Respectable, but nothing to knock your socks off.
I had the fish tacos. Grilled Mahi as fresh as it gets..could have been caught that morning, maybe the day before.
The atmosphere and service is what you're paying for here. Everyone was as gracious as could be. The grounds are immaculate and they'll cart you around on a 4-seat golf cart if you prefer. The area we were in had the pool on one side, then a bocce ball area, then the view stretched to the ocean.
Beautiful way to burn an afternoon.

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