Sunday, September 2, 2012

Back to Newton's Table in Bethesda

Newton's Table
4917 Elm St.
Bethesda, MD 20814

There isn't a whole lot of fine dining going on in Bethesda.  There are a few standout restaurants though.  Newton's Table is one.  Everyone reading my blog likely knows the story of local-boy-done-good Dennis Friedman.  If not, he used to be the exec at Bezu before striking out on his own.
Above is the onion foccacia that they start you with.  It's quality.
This was my wife's gazpacho.  Very nicely done.  Almost as good as mine!

The carpaccio of beef was a nice way to start my meal.  Shaved tenderloin and parm with some arugala.  The white dots on the right side of the photo are truffled aioli.  My son got a taste of this and immediately asked if we could get some to take home.  The flavor was a text book example of balance.
Dennis's take on Crab Cakes with a nicely spiced red pepper coulis.
Cheryl had the Chilean Sea Bass. Pretty to look at and cooked to perfection.  Crispy on top, just cooked through inside.

I was wowed by the bison ribeye.  More likely, I was wowed by the rub and the texture of the steak.  One of the best I've ever had.

The desserts here are like a mini-carnival on a plate.
Dennis's wife Patty makes the rum cake on the left here. If you only try one dessert here, that should be it.  The ice cream in the middle had some chili in it that gave a nice, fading heat.  The pinapple brule was a treat as well.
All in all, a solid meal with great service. Parking is valet and is only $7.00, so take advantage of that. Finding a spot in Bethesda at dinner time sucks since they closed the lot at the end of Woodmont.  If you do go, please tell Robert the GM or Dennis the chef/owner that you read about it on Pleasures of the Table.

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