Friday, April 6, 2012

Lunchbox - Doing it right

50 Carroll CreekWay
Frederick, MD

What's wrong with a talented chef whose usual check averages would make any restaurant owner jealous opening up a reasonably-priced sandwich shop?  Nothing that I could see.
Bryan Voltaggio opened Lunchbox in Frederick last year and brought a neat concept into a great little spot along Carroll Creek in Frederick.  You can see my post about the tasting menu at Volt, his first restuarant, here: Table 21 at Volt

They put the sandwiches together, then use panini presses to warm them up. 

There is a decent selection of sodas and Route 11 Chips to choose from.  Bryan's house-made brownies are killer if you get them fresh.

My wife and I both got the Grilled Cheese.  My son got the Nutella with Banana.  He's an addict. I know one reviewer stated that the fillings were minimal here, but I felt they were right on.  You don't always need a pound of filling for something to be tasty. It's a bargain at this price point.

The mushroom soup was a stand-out.  It's nice to have something on the menu at a quick service place like this other than chicken noodle, but then again, this is Bryan Voltaggio.  What did you expect?

The breads are thick and tasty.  Bring some home if you like them.

The spot is a little off the beaten path unless you're familiar with the area.  If you're driving down the street look for The Faux School, you'll see that first.  Then walk along the canal and you'll see Lunchbox on the right.

Pretty view from the bridge.

All in all, nicely done.  It gets a little smokey in the restaurant when it's busy, but you can always take your sandwich and go sit by the creek.  Make sure you try the brownie!
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Richard Laws said...

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