Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rogue 24....most of the stories aren't true. Most.

 RJ and yours truly..  He was very cordial and no, he didn't yell at me for taking pictures.  No one asked me to put down the camera either.  Everyone we came in contact with was very pleasant.
 Today's blog will be mostly visual.
 Wonders abound at Rogue 24.  Dichotomies too.  Base and elegance.  Coarse and smooth.  Rogue and milquetoast.  Did I find the contract you have to sign to eat there imposing?  Not really.  Bonji Beard, formerly the only person who could get you a reso at minibar is the person here who will follow up with you about it.  You get the same thing at many restaurants with multi-course tasting menus.  I fully understand the need to secure credit cards as well.  When you're working on dishes as complex as they are here, the preparation is time consuming and expensive, and the shelf-life can be zero for some of them.  Word to the wise:  If you make a reservation, keep it.  Not just here, but at any restaurant. 
 First trio...the Fried Rice Special #2 on the right was the winner.
 Interesting presentation of Osetra with cider bubbles
 The usual suspects clockwise...Eric Blume, Andrew Aurbach, Allison Leader, Sindhu Blume, Cheryl and me.  This is one mixed bag.  We've got a reporter, a publisher, a lawyer, a communications conusultant, a start-up partner, and a salesman.  This team has been kind enough to accompany me on various outings including the chef's tables at various restaurants, many tasting menus, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always entertaining.  Thanks for indulging me folks.  Nothin' but love for you all.
 Frost on the garden
 Ryan Moore...formerly of minibar
 Mikey Maksimowicz talking with us about one of the courses.  Mikey has an amusing habit of hijacking RJ's iPhone and posting entertaining tidbits on Facebook through his account.

 Langoustine.   This was one of my favorites.  I wanted to lick the bowl, but I didn't.
 Hello ladies!  Interesting shot.  Light and dark, coffee and cream?  There's not a good and evil though.  They're both wonderful.
 Deep in conversation.
 See urchin

Ox tongue

 Bryan Tetorakis and Ryan

 Pork belly and clam
 Shaved fois gras.  I wanted more of this one.
 I'm generally not a sweetbreads guy, but this was the best preparation I've ever had. 

 Venison with trail mix and cherries
 Poutine...didn't look like it, but it sure tastes like it.

Tasty beer.  Very fruity and thick, without the nasty after-taste.

 This was my #2 favorite.  It was a coconut/green mango/peanut butter thing...very good.  My favorite dish of the evening came in a coffee cup.  It was a rabbit reduction that tasted like the best demi-glace you've ever had.  I neglected to take a picture of that because it smelled so good I forgot to snap one.

Banana textures

Could these guys look any more satisfied?  Maybe, but I don't want to do what it would take get them there.
To wrap it up, was it worth the coin?  Definitely.  Would I go again?  If it was with people who I wanted to sit with for 3-1/2 hours and who could appreciate it.  I don't know if the dishes I liked are on the a la carte menu, so I'll have to check it out.  Unconventional?  Sure.  Objectivist?  Yes.  Unique?  Absolutely.  RJ, best of luck moving forward.  See you soon.
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