Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sbraga: Bravo Top Chef Winner gets his game on in Philly!

This is Kevin Sbraga, winner of Bravo's Top Chef Season 7.  He was down at my company looking at some of my wares and we went to Graffiato after that, which is where this picture was taken.  He decided to go with my company, so I figured I would return the favor and go give him some of my business!

It was a beautiful night to be walking the streets of Philadelphia with my friend Mike, who also works for my company, and our wives Cheryl and Kate.

That's Kate on the left, Cheryl in the middle, and Mike on the right.
Kate and Cheryl at the food bar/pass.  We sat right where the food was being cooked.  I prefer setups like this so I can watch everything that's happening and take pictures of all the food, not just what comes to my table.
Here's a shot of the menu.  If you click on it it will blow up to give you a better look.  It's arranged into four courses.  You choose one of each for $45.00. 
A nicely prepared Bulleit Manhattan was the starter.
Instead of the usual breadbasket, we were given truffled popovers...mmm.
This was the rose petal relish for the Fois Gras Soup.
I couldn't pass that one up. It wasn't like eating a bowl of pureed fg, it was creamy and spicy with a bouquet of fois gras. Well done.

 This is scallops with black truffels and the Oxtail Tamale.
This is the Arctic Char.  The skin was crisp and the fish creamy.
Some dishes getting prepped for the line.

Little mushrooms from the tamale plate.
Makin' it pretty...
Chick Pea Fritters
Some duck waiting for the plate...
Plates on the pass.
Kevin Sbraga and Jose Adorno
Duck and corn bread.
My vantage point was pretty good...nice to watch artists at work.
Steak with marrow crust.
Love me some Illy Espresso.
This is the Singapore Sling that clinched the win for Kevin on Top Chef.
Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

All-in-all, a delightful time with friends I haven't seen in a while and a great experience in Philly.  It's a vibrant city.  We walked around a little more after dinner and hit some Starr Restaurant Group places and then walked home. 
Regarding Sbraga, I wish Kevin and his crew continued success.  I don't think they've even been open a month as I write this, but they have their operation pretty well-polished.  They will make an impact in bringing artful, soulful cooking in an attractive restaurant to their neighborhood.
See you soon Kevin, and thanks again for a great meal.
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