Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bellevale Creamery...Best Show in Town

Have you ever found a place that shouldn't exist for purely logistical reasons? Think about The Inn at Little Washington. When that first started, there was little to recommend a trip there. Now it is the hub that supports that rest of the town.
When I visited my stepfather in NJ recently he told me about this ice cream shop called Bellevale Creamery. It was a half-hour drive into the wilderness of Warwick, NY. http://www.bellvalefarms.com/
His step-daughter works at the local DQ, so I figured this had to be good if we were going to make the drive. I wasn't disappointed.After spending 1/2 hour going up and down twisty 1-1/2 lane roads with very few cars in either direction you pull onto the summit of the mountain and you're greeted with a tremendous view of the Warwick Valley. Great place to catch dessert and watch the sun set.
The flavors are inventive and the ice cream is top notch.
If you're ever up in the area check them out. They're worth a detour.
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