Thursday, September 10, 2009

Home Cookin'....6 Pound Butts

So, my friends ganged up on me and said, "Hey, when are you going to smoke some butt again?".
Well, how could I refuse? So, here's the secret. Buy a smoker. They're no expensive, but it sure makes smoking meat easy if you've got a digital thermostat and a timer on it.
First off, you find a couple of Boston Butts. You score the skin just down to the meat so the rub and smoke can get in. Then you rub your meat...with mustard, then your favorite dry rub. I used a Dr. Smelly's Southern Succor rub.

Wrap them up and let them sit overnight. The next morning, bright and early, take them out of the fridge and let them sit on the counter while you prepare the smoker. HAACP rules don't apply here.

Get your smoker up to 225 and put the meat in. Leave it on for 2 hours, then start spraying with apple juice every hour. Bring it up to 145 (I use an electronic thermometer with a remote so I can monitor it from the comfort of my couch). Once that happens, you can do one of two things: either put it in a pan and wrap tightly with foil, or put it in your oven in a pan, wrapped in foil. Either way you get the same effect as you're not going to be adding any more smoke.

From here on it's all waiting and watching until you hit 205. Plan on 1.5 hours per pound for the whole shooting match.

So, think you're done? Not quite. Once it's at 205 turn off the heat, leave it in the oven, don't open the door, but turn it off. Let it sit for about 2 hours. Then tear a small hole in the foil and let it sit for another 1/2 hour.
I know you'll have a hard time not peeking as it's going to smell great just sitting there, but try and resist. The end product will be worth it and it will look like this:
12 Pounds of smokey, steamy meat!
And you get to hang out with your friends, drink beer, and pull your pork.
Kids dig it too!

Steamy pork goodness. Smoked to perfection and falling apart.
Thanks for reading folks.


Michael Palmer said...

we had a bagel, cream cheese, caper, red onion & smoked salmon for dinner tonight!!

David Smelson said...

Glad you enjoyed it....that was some kick-ass salmon.