Sunday, July 26, 2009

Westend Bistro Downtown DC

I've got some good friends. Really. This lunch was a gift from one of them. Of course he benefited as well, as this is a nice place. We started out with some Goat-cheese Fritters. They were served with honey. Fresh from the fryer and piping hot, as they should be.

I know there was a burger hiding in there. Mike ordered that. It was a tasty burger.

The burger, however, wasn't nearly as good as my Skate in a browned-butter sauce. It's nice that the folks here take the time to actually filet the wing and serve it without the cartlidge. It was done perfectly.

We had a side of fries with herbs de provence. Interesting.

For the curious, I took a shot of the menu. They have different menus for lunch and dinner, so don't be fooled by the limited offerings. The winelist is quite nice too. Thank you for a very pleasant lunch Mike and Mr. Ripert. I hope to be dining with you again soon.

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