Monday, July 7, 2008

Servers say the darndest things....

One of my employees and I were out to lunch at a chain in Arlington who's name rhymes with Bed, Rot & Glue. I will tell you that it was not a pleasant experience from the git go. Whew, did it go from mediocre to embarrassing quickly. I was wearing a shirt with the logo of my company and as soon as the server came up to us she said, and I quote, "Company X sucks!". Funny thing, this particular chain doesn't use my product and she later told me she'd last used it over 10 years ago. I immediately responded, "That's great! There goes your tip!"
She proceeded to fumble through the rest of the lunch. This was not a college student just learning the trade mind you, this was a 50 year old woman.
At the end of the ordeal my employee pulled out a coupon (the only reason we dined there) and she said to him, "Yeah, I thought you looked like a coupon guy."
Wow. I was expecting her to start doing the joke from The Aristocrats any second just to see if she could make the meal more memorable.
Always remember, you may have seen a lot of things, but you haven't seen a lot of things.
Until next time.....
BTW, before anyone asks, I did leave a tip. I'm sympathetic if nothing else.

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