Saturday, June 28, 2008

G and M Seafood in Linthicum Heights

Are you kidding me? Where do they find the crab for these cakes? They must be mutants from a 1950's movie about the dangers of nuclear energy.
This gem used to be one of Richard Hayman's best kept secrets. You were in the inner sanctum if he took you to lunch at G&M.
I didn't bring my camera to this one, so I had to use the picture from the website, but it doesn't do the crabcake justice. It's huge. Well picked. Not too much spice, filler, or butter. $12.95 gets you a cake and a side.
Service at G&M is not their high-light, nor is the ambiance. The fun started as we sat down. My server first told me they didn't sell sandwiches at night, so I had to order the platter, which is $4.00 more. Not a big deal, but unexpected. When the manager stopped by I asked and she said "Of course we serve the sandwich at night." I asked her to change our order, though we had already eaten the house salad that comes with the platter. This seemed to cause her great consternation. She stopped by to remind us several times that she was removing the salad from our check even though we had eaten it. Hooray! In any event, it's worth stopping in if you're anywhere near BWI Airport. They ship their food also.
G&M Restaurant & Lounge804 Hammonds Ferry Road Linthicum Heights, Maryland 21090410-636-1777 877-554-3723 Fax: (410)


Michael Palmer said...

you still make the best crabcake in town!!!

David Smelson said...

Awww, you're too kind. The truth of the matter is that WE make the best crabcake in town. I was winging it and if you had not reminded me there wouldn't have been any breadcrumbs in there and it would have fallen apart in the broiler!