Monday, November 28, 2011

Kushi Izakaya...Rock n' Rolls...

Kushi Izakaya 11.28.11
465 K Street, NW Washington DC 20001

Darren Norris and his wife Ari have put together a unique experience downtown.  It's not your standard Japanese restaurant.  It's a hybrid of east meets west.  The flavors and ingredients are east, but the decor and service are west.  Not a bad thing.  Definitely a change of pace. 

 This "sides" for the lunch special.  Assorted veggies...all done a differently for a little variety of tastes and textures.  The cabbage had a nice zing to it.
 Rich miso soup.  Fresh chunks of goodness.
 I got the spicy tuna and braised pork belly makimono.  There was a little flavor profile on the spicy tuna that I couldn't peg.  It was different than the usual rolls you get from your average sushi place.  Very nice.
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 A little artsy close-up for the photo folks.
 This was the Mayo Fried Chicken that my dining companion got for the lunch special.  Nicely done.  Crisp and tasty.
 One of the nice extra touches:  Some extra spice for those of us who want to sweat a little at lunch. 
 This was an Extra-special touch:  fresh grated horse radish.  You usually have to request that, and pay more.  I made mine extra spicy!  Good stuff.
 Here's a shot of the sushi counter.  Just like I like it:  Clean, uncluttered.
 This is where the grilling takes place.  I hear that this is pretty rocking at night.  My friend and I showed up just before they closed after lunch, so it was fairly empty, but I'd like to come check it out on a Saturday night.  I hear there are Saki shots being downed.
A place for everything, and everything in it's place.  I liked it.  I'll definitely be back.  If you go, let Darren know you read about it on Pleasures of the Table.
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