Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Elisir..Enzo Fargione is back in the house!

Enzo Fargione is back at work...not that he hasn't been working actually, but he hasn't been doing a lot of cooking until very recently.  He's been building a new restaurant named Elisir.  It's at 427 11th St. N.W.  It's quiet (which is good, because the server I had whispered most of the time) and classy.  Wallpaper and panelling offset by dark wood.  There is an open kitchen and a small bar. 
The montage above was created by guest photographer Mike Palmer, who happens to be Enzo's in-house photographer for his website as well as his upcoming cookbook.  Additionally, he's my neighbor and was responsible for the invitation to the 7-course tasting menu we enjoyed prior to the restaurant opening to the public this week.  Thanks pal!
The night we were in was basically the dress rehearsal, so I'll just skip to the pictures and keep the chatter to a minimum.

 Paddle straw...interesting.

 Three varieties of olive oils and salts.  Right up my alley.

                               That's Mike Palmer on the right.  @mikpalmer1 on Twitter!

 I have to say that the pasta was very nice.  Truffle air?  I like truffle air.  I like anything that smells like truffle.

                          Another nice touch that I appreciate.  Demerara sugar for my doppio.
Dessert was nifty looking.  There were a variety of flavors...something for everyone.

So congratulations Enzo.  Neat place.  The service was on the money, as well they should be when trained by someone of Justin Kraemer's caliber.  The construction is well done and of good quality.  With a little polish and some time to smooth out the edges I'm sure you'll have a winner on your hands.
Read Pleasures of the Table next week to see if I got thrown out of Rogue 24 for bringing my camera!

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