Saturday, January 24, 2009

Update: Grace's Mandarin at the National Harbor

Sorry, I've been remiss in posting. Things have been busy at work and I'm running to catch up.

So, here's the scoop.

I went back to Grace's Mandarin at the National Harbor: Wowed again.

The view is great during the day, and the lighting inside is something to behold in the evening.

$5.95 for a bowl of hot and sour soup? I scoffed, until I tried it. This is not the strangely-viscous stuff you get at your corner Chinese carryout. This is worth it. Try it if you get the chance.

The sushi was fresh and tasty. I was there about 1:30pm for lunch and the main dining floor was fairly full. The staff seems to be coming up to speed and I'm hoping that they'll be all polished by the time spring rolls around. You'll need reservations as this place is going to be the place to eat at the harbor.

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RuninDC said...

Exotic, stylish, surprising -- is all I can muster to say. My friend and I went there on a spur of the moment.

As we walked up, the giant glass and steel doors gently opened as if we had enlisted some sort of magical powers, enchanting, inspiring -- our curiosity piqued as we tried to surmise what was left for us to find inside.

We were wowed by the decor: exotic and sexy. The food, Asian-fusion and spicy, was classy and delectable and the service definitely world class. Everyone even the guests treated us like we were one of the firsts.

Not to mention the lighting, the spectacular view of the harbor, the River, and the elegant Woodrow Wilson Bridge.

Anonymous said...
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