Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Redwood Restaurant and Bar

Meet Jared Rager. He, and his partner Eli Hengst, are opening Redwood Restaurant and Bar in the new development in Bethesda. They join Le Pan Quotidien from New York and Dolcezza from Georgetown in the development.

Redwood's main focus is top-notch organic foods prepared in a casual setting. Some of the entrees are intended to be ordered for the entire table and shared family-style. As in their other two restaurants, Mendocino and Sonoma, wines will play a major role in the experience. They will be serving wines by the glass, bottle, and taste. I haven't seen the entire finalized menu yet, but it promises to be exciting.

Some high-lights of the newly built property are the windows all along the front of the building that open onto the cobblestone walkway, a large bar/lounge area, a private dining room with it's own bar, some communal tables, and a meat slicer that is hand-operated so it doesn't heat up and ruin the texture of the house-cured meats. The slicer sits behind a "Food Bar" of sorts where charcuterie plates and other edibles will be prepared in front of you.

Last but not least, the bathrooms are unique. The design and construction are original, functional, and well thought out. You'll have to see the entire restaurant when it opens in July.
Once they're in full swing they will be taking reservations via OpenTable. Let them know you read about it on Pleasures of the Table.
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