Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fanfare Eatery - A new concept by Glory Days Grill

Fanfare is a new concept by the folks who bring you some of the best sports-bar food and entertainment.  Their IT director is a pretty forward thinking guy.
This is a view you see as you walk in the front door and look left.
This is looking towards the kitchen.
If you turn around when you enter the front door, you'll notice this on the wall.
It's a self-service terminal on the wall.  If there is a line to get in you can just order your own stuff!  Pretty cool.  They will also be using online ordering shortly, so you can use your smartphone to order a couple dozen wings and a shake to go!
Lots of screens in this place.  This looks like a standard menu board, but it's actually large flat-panel displays that show a rotation of different pictures and specials.  Easy to keep up to date and you don't have to get it re-printed every time you change a price or add an item.
More screens in the kitchen.  These tell the cooks what to make, how many, and how fast to do it.  It also ties into reporting so that the managers can tell which cooks are getting it done quickly, and which are not.  It can also alert the mangers to things like particular menu items taking too long, which can prompt them to re-configure how they prepare particular items.
Another shot of the digital menu boards.
The terminals on the counter have a big touch screen in the back so you can confirm your order and they can tell you about specials or promote specific items.
I like the look on the bathroom doors.  They were pretty clearly labeled, though it's apparent the fun-police came and made them use the universal symbols for men and women over their much more creative, though completely legible signage.
Another view of the dining room.
Lots of tasty sauces available, including a few of their own.

You can see my order on the screen!  This screen tells the cooks exactly how long my ticket has been in the kitchen.  After a preset number of minutes the ticket will turn yellow, and then after several more, red, which alerts the kitchen to the fact that they better light a fire under that puppy and get my food out!
You'll notice the production items (items that are ordered frequently) on the top row reflect my order.  There may be so many tickets that the cooks can't see them all at once without scrolling, but they can always see how many of their most popular items they need to have working at any given moment.  Notice the burger spot has a 2 in it, and there are 2 on my order.  Same with the wings.  The fry-guy knows exactly how many wings he has to have either in the fryer or in the drawer at any time.
Here's one!
Can't leave Fanfare without some wings in ya.
And there's the other.

If you have any questions or comments about the technology, writing, pictures, or restaurant please get in touch.  I'd love to hear from you.

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