Friday, April 3, 2009

Get some GoodStuff.

GoodStuffEatery Brainchild of Spike Mendelsohn and family.
You know the burgers here are good if Mayor Fenty is willing to ruin his diet by scarfing one down. BTW, this place was still crowded at 2:00pm on a rainy Monday. The bearded guy to the left is Spike. The bald guy to the right, under the sign, is the Mayor.

There are several different mayo's available for topping your burger or dipping your fries.

The Colletti's Smokehouse with a side of Village Fries.

The Toasted Marshmallow!

Have you been here? A lot of the folks who eat burgers in town have, judging by the line out the door when the weather is warm.

I was there with some prospects to show them how this particular restaurant is using my product and what was a product-focused meeting ended up being a debate about the best burgers in town, who made them, how they're made, what the service and ambiance is like and what the price point should be.

Spike at GoodStuff takes the traditional route in that his burgers are all made of the same beef. What he then does with them is offer different combinations of sauces, toppings and such.

I'm partial to his "Colletti's Smokehouse Burger" with a side of Village Fries.

Part of the charm here is the variety of sauces they have available for the fries. There are a couple of kinds of chili mayonnaise as well as an Old Bay Mayo. All very good.

Then there is the matter of the shake. Don't ignore it. You should, but you can't. It's the vaunted Toasted Marshmallow Shake. Literally one of the best tasting beverages ever concocted. I don't know what the calorie or fat count is, and I'm sure you don't want to know. However, you have to try it. Once.

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Gratuitious celebrity chef suck-up shot.


Unknown said...

Hi! I'm assuming you read this article?
I'm def going to check this place out.

Michael Palmer said...

Damn Doc!! I wanna go!!

David Smelson said...

Michael, say the word and we're there...