Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lima, without the jet lag

Hello all.
Regardless of how it sounds, it's not all work. Sometimes I actually get to try out new places and hang with old friends purely for recreation.
Tuesday night at Lima with Adolfo Mendez (Owner of Nellie's and Cubano's) and Umberto (his nephew) was one of those nights.
Chef Raynold wanted to meet Adolfo and I was more than happy to introduce them. Of course, they're only open for dinner, so we sat and enjoyed that as well as the company.
If you're a "club kid" you may want to stop in here. There is some serious dance groove going on here as well as some serious food.
Chef Raynold
Left to right me, Umberto, and Adolfo
This was the Tuna Ceviche. Raynold had suggested this. Very tasty.

These empanadas were filled with what seemed to be a meat chili. The sauce was nice. Very spicy, but not ridiculous.

This was the octopus. Done just right. A little texture, but not too chewy.

This was a salmon ceviche. Also very nice.

This is the burger, and one of the reasons I was here. Raynold and I had been discussing the merits of various burgers across the city and the price points they're being offered at. Over a burger and toasted marshmallow shake at GoodStuff Raynald threw down the gauntlet and said he had one of the best burgers in the city. I can't argue with him. When he mentioned the price he was going to sell it for at his new place I found it hard to believe. As a matter of fact, I won't even put it in writing as I don't want to hold him to it. If he does what he wants to do, he'll have one of the busiest burger joints in the city.
Stay tuned!
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