Friday, April 10, 2020

Smelson's Good Friday Covid-19 News

Once again, I watch it so you don’t have to. Updates for 4/8/2020

Miscellaneous News Throughout the Day
  • Fauci says antibody tests are just days away
  • These tests are currently being validated by the FDA.
  • Melinda Gates – we haven’t recognized as a global community that we’re a global community.
  • There are countries in Africa that have 5 hospital beds per 1 million people as opposed to European countries is 4,000 beds per million. This could devastate most of the continent.
  • ICU admissions are down for the 3rd
  • Deaths are down 22 from yesterday.
  • 7,844 deaths in NY so far.
  • The curve has turned for NY and social distancing needs to be kept up.
  • Says the tri-state area is willing to partner with the fed for getting testing up to scale to reopen the economic engine.
  • He’s requesting that Trump use the DPA to get the testing supplies up to scale.
  • They need a stimulus bill that isn’t a political pork-barrel bill.
  • Says Trump was right to question WHO on pandemic warning signs.
  • 331 deaths from C19 in the National Capitol Region.
  • Has created strike teams of health care professionals to assist the most susceptible people in-place, i.e. at nursing homes, care facilities, and the like, to prevent them from having to go to hospitals.
  • Has established a facility at BWI to clean/sterilize PPE for reuse.
  • State has instituted a spending freeze for anything other than C19-related expenses and personnel expenses.
  • State has instituted a hiring freeze.
  • It is very unlikely that any bills requiring increased spending will be signed into law.
  • 95% of Marylanders have been able to successfully filed for UI online.
  • June 2nd elections in MD will be completed primarily by mail.
  • The Easter Bunny has been proclaimed an essential worker, so you’ll be getting your Easter candy.
  • He chokes up a little when he’s talking about missing Easter with his family. It takes a strong man to show vulnerability.
  • Will be having a meeting next week to discuss WHO funding.
  • Talks about how many more lives were saved with social distancing vs. doing nothing. I still want to know who suggested that.
  • Working on building the stockpile of ventilators that the states should have had.
  • Ventilators will be sent to other countries so we can help other countries.
  • Biggest market increase in 50 years over the last 4 days.
  • Praises the mayors of DC, Baltimore, Philly for bringing all resources to bear.
  • We’re flattening the curve nationally.
  • We need to continue to stay in/consolidate trips to shop/pharmacy.
  • This is not the time to feel that we should be pulling back at all.
  • Many randomized trials are in process. It will take many months to determine which are effective.
  • Thanks all the officials working around the clock.
  • Pence praises religious leaders for keeping things shut down over Easter.
  • Requests that reporters be nice because it’s Good Friday.
  • Gas is as cheap as it was in the 1950s.
  • Mexico didn’t agree to cut oil production, going against OPEC and the US.
  • Said Mexico would make it up to us at a later date, maybe in another form. (Wall anyone?)
  • Avoids the question about how will we know the invisible enemy is in retreat if we don’t have widespread testing.
  • Birx comes on to answer the testing question – RNA testing is required and the assay is complicated.
  • We need to examine what the test loads will be.
  • Testing is just part of our strategy. The other has to be alerts to syndromic activity (flu symptoms)
  • The issue is to build a testing strategy and combine it with strategic surveillance.
  • We don’t want to promise until we have it.
  • OANN 15 Million dollar bounty on Maduro of Venezuela, China has offered financial support to Venezuela.
  • Acosta asks if Trump will listen to the experts when it comes to suggestions on reopening. He says he listens to them and he has great respect for them.
  • Administration has discussed reduced fees with credit card companies.
  • Restaurants that have been paying insurance need the companies to pay up. He would like to see insurance companies pay if its fair.
  • There’s not a lot of issues with testing.
  • You don’t need testing in Idaho and Kansas and other states where not a lot of cases showed up in order to open them up.
  • Reporter calls out the Surgeon General for using ethnic colloquialisms. Asks if he has any response to people being offended by that. Didn’t even make it to the next press conference. D’oh!
  • Surgeon General says ALL Americans need to refrain from smoking, drugs, drinking.
  • Fauci says Jerome did it beautifully and it wasn’t offensive at all.
  • Google and Apple announce that they’re working jointly for contact-tracing programs. Trump says that we’re looking at it but there are privacy concerns.
  • Florida Governor DeSantis says people under 25 don’t die from Coronavirus. Fauci says that is incorrect.
  • We’re being tough at the southern border because of drugs and human trafficking. Because of the 165 miles of wall they’re now using waterways. (Where’s Crockett and Tubbs when you need them?)
Still no discussion as to what’s the problem with the 15 minute tests and no one is asking.

Once again, thank you for reading. Do not take anything written here as gospel and certainly don’t make any financial decisions based from the information provided. Stay as tuned-in as you can. Support your local businesses as much as you can. Lastly, #staythefuckhome

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