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Smelson's Covid-19 News for 4.7.2020

Once again, I watch it so you don’t have to. Updates for 4/7/2020

 Cuomo Presser

  • Monday was the largest single-day increase in C19 deaths in NY.
  • Talks about the monitoring of the hospital system and movement/adjustment of resources to fit needs across all areas.
  • Coordinating with CT and NJ to plan the restart of the economy. Needs to be a regional approach as they’re all interconnected. Testing will be key to this.
  • Antibody test is going to be key. NYS DOH has approved the test, waiting on FDA to approver so it can be brought to scale.
  • 15 minute test exists but is not brought to scale yet.
  • NY needs fed assistance to restart the economy. Needs to remedy previous inequities.
  • It’s only been 37 days – knows it’s been frustrating. It’s like Groundhog Day.
  • Comparison point-1918 Influenza took six months to peak and killed @30K in NY. What we’re doing is working. Social Distancing is working. Keep at it.


  • They claim they only have 1,200 cases in Japan.


  • Toll is going to go up as the elderly are being affected, but they have enough ICU beds and ventilators for everyone who needs one.


  • According to the pictures and stories they’re behaving as if there is no pandemic and they’re out in public, together, doing a lot of day-drinking.

Maryland Governor Hogan

  • Conversion of Baltimore Convention Center to a field hospital is ahead of schedule.
  • Most of the state has been designated as a hotspot by the fed which provides certain benefits with funding/attention.
  • All information on demographics available to the state will be posted on the MD website. There will be gaps in the data due to certain orgs only reporting certain info.
  • Everyone at Hogan’s presser was wearing a mask except him and his ASL translator.
  • Hogan and 3 other people in the conference walked up, talked at the podium, put bare hands, papers and a facemask on the same podium. This is not what they mean to demonstrate as proper hygiene I’m sure.
  • There are not any of the 15-minute tests available in MD.

The skinny on the Inspector General, Christi Grimm who Trump said was making politically-motivated accusations

  • Christi Grimm was appointed in 1999 by Clinton
  • Worked through 8 years of Bush administration
  • Worked through 8 years of the Obama administration
  • Was hung out to dry by HHS Assistant Secretary for Health Brett Giroir who said the report covered a period of time prior to the fed ramp up and that Grimm was unethical in not reporting her findings. Not sure how both of those can be true as the report was just released Monday and the survey covers the time frame of March 23–27,. You can read it here: HHS Report

Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas B. Modly submits his resignation

  • Had called the commander of the Aircraft Carrier Theodore Roosevelt, Captain Brett Crozier, an idiot or naïve for emailing about C19 cases on the ship and going outside normal channels, then removed him from command.
  • "We are not at war. Sailors do not need to die. If we do not act now, we are failing to properly take care of our most trusted asset: our Sailors," Crozier wrote in a memo that three US defense officials confirmed to CNN.


  • A new cluster of C19 cases have popped up – related to church gatherings.
  • Being bathed in Jesus’ blood apparently is not an effective prophylaxis.

Peter Navarro

  • Trump’s top trade advisor, wrote a report on January 29th to the President stating that C19 could result in millions of deaths in the US. The Surgeon General says he never saw this.
  • This is the same guy who said yesterday that he knew better than Dr. Fauci about medical matters though, so maybe no one ever listens to him because he’s an idiot.
  • What this does mean is that Trump had knowledge of the severity of the situation on 1/29.

Trump Presser

  • Reminds Governors that keeping FEMA updated with numbers and required equipment is important.
  • We’re getting it to everybody like no one ever thought possible.
  • Says he will protect you if your Governor fails.
  • Asking Congress for an additional 250 billion for PPP to keep Americans paid.
  • We need to look into the WHO because of their favoritism towards China. They missed the call. They should have called it much earlier. We’re going to put a very powerful hold on the money going to WHO.
  • If we did nothing it would be disastrous. It was a good move. The early China close was a good move. The Europe move was a good move. We made a lot of good moves.
  • The Captain didn’t have a write a letter (regarding Captain Crozier). He didn’t need to be Ernest Hemingway.
  • He says he didn’t know Acting Naval Secretary Modley. He didn’t speak to him.
  • He says he didn’t see Navarro’s memos regarding the coming pandemic. It was right about the time I closed it down, and the WHO wasn’t happy about us closing it down.
  • You have to understand I’m a cheerleader for the country. At the same time I was closing it down. I was closing it down from China. Then I closed it down for Europe. I didn’t want to go screaming that it was going to happen.
  • Says he just learned about the Navarro memo today, maybe yesterday. I didn’t see it. I don’t remember it even being discussed.
  • I basically did what the memo said. I didn’t see it yet. (How can you know what the memo said if you haven’t seen it?) But it didn’t matter what the memo said because I did what the memo said at the same time. I closed it down. I have an instinct like Navarro and he’s a smart guy.
  • All kinds of people said horrible things about me for closing it down to China. I did a wonderful thing.
  • He says the WHO kept saying it was no big deal, no big deal, then they disagreed with us shutting China down. They seem to be very China-centric.
  • When asked if stopping funding to WHO during a pandemic was a good move he denies saying he was going to stop funding. He literally said he was going to put a “Powerful hold.” on their funding less than five minutes ago.
  • USPS is independent and they should raise their prices, actually a lot. It’s not fair for them, these great modern companies, to walk in and drop packages and say, “Here, deliver this.” And tell your Democrat friend that if he took a look at that he could save the post office.
  • Regarding voting in Wisconsin, he blames the Democrats for moving the election because he endorsed a judge. Mail ballots are cheaters. The Democrats didn’t want to have an election day, then a week after election day they want the mail ballots to come in. The mail ballots are corrupt. They’re forgeries. They had no problems with the election being today until I endorsed Justice Kelly.
  • Trump says that thousands of people sit in a living room filling out fraudulent ballots. Thousands of mail in ballots and they dump it. You don’t have to ask me, you can look it up. (Widespread ballot fraud has been falsely mentioned since the last election by Trump and never proved).
  • Trump denies that the fed is coming in and taking supplies.
  • The Governor’s call was great. It was like a love-fest.
  • Trump doesn’t understand that it’s not death counts, it’s testing for C19 as the cause of death that’s lacking when asked about being able to accurately determine the number of C19 deaths.
  • OANN is there again, standing where they’re not supposed to stand. A reporter purposely stands in front of the official White House feed camera to block the view of the OANN reporter. The White House switches to another camera.

Pence enters

  • (Shoot me for saying this, but I never wished Mike Pence was President before now.)
  • Talks about the horrible loss of life and how social distancing is working.
  • Says he spoke to over 500 business owners and their enthusiasm for the PPP.
  • Praises health care workers and critical infrastructure workers.
  • Discusses how 90% of the supplies coming in are being handled directly by FEMA using military logistics.
  • Gives numbers about what is going where. (The numbers are missing the contrasting figures about what is being requested in order to give them contrast.)
  • This is exactly the time for all of us to redouble our efforts to protect our loved ones and lessen the impact of the Coronavirus.



Once again, thank you for reading. Do not take anything written here as gospel and certainly don’t make any financial decisions based from the information provided. Stay as tuned-in as you can. Support your local businesses as much as you can. Lastly, #staythefuckhome

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