Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Smelson's COVID-19 News 4.1.2020

Once again, I watch it so you don’t have to. Updates for 4/1/2020
News throughout the day summarized with a little salt added and capped off with the Whitehouse address.
Beginning of the day US counts 4/1/2020 – Cases – 189,633    Deaths – 4,081
Pence – says that the current death projections were made on Friday 3/27. He said the numbers were presented to him on Saturday 3/28. Trump said the first time he’d seen those numbers was yesterday 3/31. Got to listen to Pence and Wolf Blitzer get into it. Wolf asked why won’t you institute a national lock-down? Pence says they’re going to bring the President the best information based on science.
Pelosi with Cooper on Phase 4 of the CARES package. She says that if Trump was distracted by his impeachment that it’s just a sign that he can’t handle the job. He needs to implement the DPA now. The next step is focused on recovery. Infrastructure. Clean water, broadband, health clinics.
The 2 trillion of the bill isn’t exorbitant when you consider the actual cost of the tax relief bill passed by Trump that overwhelmingly benefited the rich.
Florida finally enacts a stay-at-home order. Late to the party Guvner.
Governor Hogan issued an emergency order suspending the requirement for families to pay premiums into MD Children’s Health so families can keep coverage.
Wolf Blitzer in the Situation Room – we’re standing by in the Situation Room to hear from EXPERTS on the Coronavirus situation. (Makes me think they’re going to skip Trump’s opening marks again based on the emphasis he put on experts.) I had to switch to C-Span to get video.
Personal comment about Dr. Jason Shatkin from Northern NJ who was interviewed on CNN today discussing how they’re now making critical triage decisions to remove patients from ventilators about his personal fears of working with Covid-19 patients: “I have a four year-old son and my greatest fear is that I’m just going to be a fleeting memory to him.” I don’t think that will happen. Our memories of heroes aren’t fleeting. Respect.
CNN has obtained documentation showing that there is a backlog of over 160,000 tests at ONE LAB. They also found that there are zero drive-through testing facilities open to civilians.
Mark Esper, SecDef – we have begun enhanced counter-narcotics operations with the US military in the Pacific. Seems to be focused on Maduro/Venezuela. (A war would certainly take our focus off the virus and be good for the economy, wouldn’t it?)
Trump – still doesn’t have any idea regarding how the use of PPE could increase so much. Says we’ll soon have more ventilators than we need. Says that the enhanced interdiction will help with the virus. He says there are 27,000 Mexican soldiers keeping people out of our country. (Is that what they told you?) Did you know I’m number one on FaceBook? Mentions the caravans coming up through Mexico bringing in whatever they want. Says the wall is preventing that.
Ventilators are very big, complex.
Rep Adam Schiff has announced that he’s introducing a bill to review our response (Trump’s) to the pandemic. (Maybe we’ll find out who told Trump to, “Ride it out.” It’s not going to be pretty.)
Trump states twice that Iran has been given bad advice from former SecState Kerry. Says they want to make a deal but don’t know how.
Trump starts talking about the 1917 pandemic. Goes into how we had the best economy the world has ever seen. Goes into a “Sir” story. Goes into the deductibility of meals at restaurants. (This will help expense-account restaurants if they can get open) Says he doesn’t understand why they ever ended that. (Corruption is why they ended it) Says a national stay-at-home order isn’t warranted as you have some states that don’t have a problem. Trump says, “What are you gonna do?” regarding illegal immigrants and how they’re supposed to survive.
Closing numbers for 4/1/2020 – Cases – 213,372   Deaths – 4,757
Once again, thank you for reading. Do not take anything written here as gospel and certainly don’t make any financial decisions based from the information provided. Stay as tuned-in as you can. Support your local businesses as much as you can. Lastly, #staythefuckhome

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