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Smelson's C19 Update for 4.22.2020


Once again, I watch it so you don’t have to. Updates for 4/2212020


Through Out the Day


Cuomo Presser

  • Day 53 since NY closed
  • Total hospitalizations are down.
  • Intubations are coming down, number of new cases being admitted is down.
  • Number of people who died in NY yesterday was 474.
  • We get reckless today, you’ll see the hospitalization rate go up in 3, 4, 5 days.
  • Only the truth matters.
  • We met at the White House and spoke the truth and came up with a plan.
  • I don’t care what you think about my politics and I don’t care about yours.
  • Now is not the time for baby steps. The action has to be proportionate to the issue. We need funding for the states.
  • Draws conclusions between pollution and C19 rates coinciding with minority neighborhoods.
  • You feel it’s a violation of your rights to not work? Go work as an essential worker. They’re hiring.

Hogan Presser

  • MD has 14,775 confirmed cases. 3,875 of those are in PG County. 631 deaths.
  • Talks about the reopening of Laurel Medical Center (They’ve got an awesome sledding hill in front of that hospital. Locals take note.)
  • 76K tests have been done in MD.
  • Fed Ex Field now has drive through testing centers as do Vehicle Inspection Centers.
  • We now can do 20K tests per day.
  • A second plane from South Korea came in today.
  • The Fed agreed to allow the states to access their labs on Wednesday (I believe it was actually Monday).

Trump Presser

  • Trump says the director of the CDC was misquoted about the virus returning in the fall.
  • Says the Washington Post and CNN are fake news and misquoted him.
  • He didn’t say it was going to be worse, he said it was going to be more complicated. (That’s super different).
  • Here is what Redfield actually said, "There's a possibility that the assault of the virus on our nation next winter will actually be even more difficult than the one we just went through,"Redfield told the Post. "And when I've said this to others, they kind of put their head back, they don't understand what I mean. We're going to have the flu epidemic and the coronavirus epidemic at the same time."
  • Redfield then said he was quoted accurately in the press conference. Trump says, “But the headline was wrong.”. He thinks the American public will confidently get flu vaccines this fall. The headline was, “CDC director warns second wave of coronavirus is likely to be even more devastating.” In the article Redfield says, “Having two simultaneous respiratory outbreaks would put unimaginable strain on the health-care system.
  • Birx then gets up and refuses to answer the question of why she retweeted the quote if it was inaccurate.
  • Birx says what Redfield meant is that we need to keep following the guidelines.
  • Trump tries to get Birx to say that it probably won’t come back in the fall. She refuses.
  • If it comes back in the fall, it won’t be coming back like it was, and if it does it will come back in small doses. Nothing like what we’ve just gone through. (Trump is not an epidemiologist. Birx and Redfield have some experience in the field).
  • If we have embers, it’s a little pocket, and it’s going to go out fast.
  • Trump says no one will believe what a good job he’s done because of the fake news media.
  • Nobody thought this could be done. The fake news is unhappy that we’ve done it. You should be saying what a great job we’ve been doing, but you don’t say this.
  • It would be great if you wrote the truth.
  • We’re making great strides on testing, testing, the famous testing. We’ve got excess testing capacity in many states.
  • Told the Governor of Georgia that he disagreed strongly with his decision to reopen certain businesses. At the same time, he must do what he thinks he’s right.
  • Says he thinks it’s too soon.
  • Thunderbirds and Blue Angels will by flying over cities. It’s very dangerous. Dangerous work. We’re paying tribute to our front-line workers.
  • July 4th we’ll be doing what we did at the mall. It was a great success even though it was raining. It was raining as hard as I’ve seen it rain… a while.
  • We had the greatest economy the world has ever seen.
  • He’s stopped immigration in order to make sure that American workers are first in line.


  • We’re seeing some turn-around, some flattening, and some coming down.
  • What has happened is that the mitigation program worked. It got us to where we are today.
  • The program is not one that is, “Turn the lights on in America, we’re finished.” It’s not going to work that way.
  • Says not to leapfrog over the federal guidelines.
  • We will have Coronavirus in the fall. (Contradicting Trump).
  • Whether it’s going to big or small, it’s going to depend on how we behave.
  • If I were advising the Governor of Georgia I would advise him not to just turn the switch and go. Leapfrogging into phases where you shouldn’t be I would advise him not to do that.
  • Pets can get infected. There’s no evidence that the virus is transmitted from a pet to a human.


  • We’ll have 530 miles of wall by early next year.
  • Mocks the Governors for their ventilator requests.
  • He said that four weeks ago they asked the Governors who needs a ventilator and one Governor said he wanted 25. That was it.
  • He says that some people don’t believe in testing. Some people want testing just so they can make him look bad if he can’t produce them.


  • Refuses to provide the maps and documents regarding the locations of the testing facilities that they rubbed in the Governor’s faces. Says the data is proprietary.

That’s about all I could take. Thanks for reading.


Once again, thank you for reading. Do not take anything written here as gospel and certainly don’t make any financial decisions based from the information provided. Stay as tuned-in as you can. Support your local businesses as much as you can. Lastly, #staythefuckhome – but if you don’t #nottooprettytomaskup

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