Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Smelson's C19 news for 4.21.2020


Once again, I watch it so you don’t have to. Updates for 4/212020


Through Out the Day


Cuomo Presser

  • Hospitalizations are flat from yesterday, net change is down, change in intubations is down, number of new diagnosis is down.
  • Deaths in NY are just under 500 for 4/20.
  • We’ve paid a tremendous price to control this beast.
  • Don’t go backwards. Plan the re-opening. Be ready to surge and flex to address local clusters.
  • Allowing outpatient treatment/surgeries in hospitals in some counties.
  • Explains the supply chain issues with the various test system/component manufacturers.
  • Says he fully takes responsibility for the locations and allocations of testing, but the Fed needs to help the manufacturers with their supply chain problems.
  • Praises Governor Hogan for thinking outside the box to secure the testing supplies from South Korea.
  • The fed should have been taking the responsibility for doing it. States shouldn’t have to negotiate with other countries to secure these things.
  • He’s going to re-open NY on a regional basis.
  • Regarding testing – I get it that everyone wants to distance themselves from it, no matter what everyone is going to say you didn’t do enough. This is where the fed needs to step in for the supply chain issues.

Trump Presser

  • $482 billion funding package was passed by the Senate.
  • $25 billion in the package for testing support. (Why is this needed if the fed isn’t supposed to get involved?)
  • $310 billion for PPP.
  • $50 billion for EIDL loans.
  • Over 1 million businesses with fewer than 10 workers received loans.
  • The intent of this money was not for big companies with cash reserves. Trump says he’s going to ask Harvard to return the money they received.
  • There is a certification and FAQs going out about this loan program.


  • For full transparency (we didn’t have to do that) we put up a website so you can see where the money is going.
  • He’s closed the country to immigration for 60 days to those seeking permanent residency.
  • Digs at Cuomo and says he’s got more testing in that state than he even knew. (Bull shit is stinking up this subject.)


  • When the President brought up the guidelines they were based on science. It is important to continue to follow the guidelines. It is important to continue social distancing.
  • This is to continue through all three phases.
  • We’re continuing to see outbreaks in nursing homes and confined spaces.
  • She reassures us that they’re working on the 30, 60, 90 days plan with regards to this coming back in the fall.
  • We’ll have early warning because of the surveillance.
  • We’re good because Americans have been good about being careful and doing what the President’s guidelines state.
  • If there’s a way that people can social distance and do these things, then they can do those things. I don’t know how, but people are very creative (tattoo parlors, hair and nail salons).
  • The instructions were very clear, and very carefully thought out and only 6 points. In Phase 1 the first step was to maintain social distancing.
  • We have told people very clearly about the expectations of Phase 1.

FDA Director Hahn

  • Trump has asked us to remove all barriers to finding tests and treatments.
  • Issued a policy in March to allow tests to get to market.
  • They’ll be pursuing manufactures sending in non-FDA approved tests.
  • The information on the hydroxychloroquine is inconclusive coming from the VA. Too small a sample, not a clinical blind study.


  • He’s willing to look at the data regarding what appears to be more deaths associated with patients taking hydroxycholoquine and zpcack.
  • He praises himself for his relationship with Kim Jong-Un in that we’d be at war with North Korea if anyone else was in office.
  • He wouldn’t put much stock in any reports about Kim Jong-Un’s health that came from CNN because he doesn’t put a lot of stock in them.
  • He thinks he read that we’ve done more testing than everyone else combined. You never hear about that in the news.
  • Immigration executive order is a strong order. It’s a big circle.
  • We had the greatest economy in the world, and then one day we had to shut it down.
  • Right now we have to have jobs for Americans.
  • We had the most successful economy.
  • The Governors of Georgia and Florida are very capable.
  • You know, it’s like fires. We’ve become very good at this. I’ll be speaking to the Governor of Georgia in a little while.
  • I would say you keep away until it’s gone. Gone gone. It’s gonna be gone some day.
  • We have almost 170 miles of border wall up and it’s going up fast. Mexico has 27,000 soldiers on the border wall.
  • The farmers will not be affected by the immigration order.
  • The farmers were out of business. You remember that.
  • What do you have to say about the people protesting the CDC’s orders? I’ve seen them. The people want to get back to work. They’re practicing social distancing. I’ve seen them.
  • Nobody ever heard of a thing like this. Have you ever heard of a thing like this?
  • I want the Governors to do it. If we see them doing something we don’t like we’ll come down on them.
  • We can’t break our country over this.
  • I can’t say what the Intelligence service told me about the source of the virus.
  • He’s not sure he agrees with not being able to use golf courses in Florida.
  • My children run them (his properties), and I love my children. I wish them well.
  • OANN lofts a softball about his polling numbers.


That’s about all I could take. Thanks for reading.


Once again, thank you for reading. Do not take anything written here as gospel and certainly don’t make any financial decisions based from the information provided. Stay as tuned-in as you can. Support your local businesses as much as you can. Lastly, #staythefuckhome – but if you don’t #nottooprettytomaskup

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